SurfaceWise Application

  • Applied in common areas with special attention to high touch areas

  • First and only EPA approved long-lasting antiviral application

  • Continuously kills viruses including Covid-19


Ongoing Disinfection

  • Dedicated staff is tasked with performing ongoing disinfection of common area surfaces including:

  • High touch surfaces including:

    • Door handles

    • Restroom surfaces

    • Countertops and tables

    • Conference room and amenity space surfaces

    • Elevator push buttons and panels


Hygiene Stations

  • Complimentary hygiene products are provided at each entrance

    • Facemasks

    • Face tissue 

    • Hand sanitizer

  • Automatic & touch free hand sanitizer stations are located at each entrance and throughout common areas


Merv-13 Filters

  • Installed in each air handling unit

    Among the highest-rated commercially available filters available

  • Merv-13’s filter particles at much higher rate than industry standard Merv-8 filters

  • Click here to learn more about filter ratings and how they function 


Needle Point Bipolar Ionization Units

  • Cutting edge of air purification technology

  • Quickly becoming standard in commercial buildings after debut in Hospitals in 2020

  • Specifically tested and approved to eliminate Covid-19 in circulated air

  • Superior to ultraviolet light purification technology

  • Most effective air sterilization technology          

  • No Ozone creation


Elevator Air Filtration

  • MSV-UVHC system is installed in each of the 4 building elevators

  • This system consists of a fan with HEPA filters and a UV disinfecting system

  • This constant filtration and circulation of air provides a high standard of air purity in each elevator car