There is no other building in Minneapolis that represents its neighborhood quite like the TractorWorks building. The North Loop and riverfront area have both undergone various booms, declines, and revivals. Its safe to say the most current revival is here to stay.

The North Loop received its name from the line of railroads and city streetcars in the early 1800s that brough vital transportation and consumers to the bustling riverfront area. This area was recognized as the commercial hub and industrial center of the new city, as the powerful St. Anthony Falls supplied the energy needed to soon become the milling capital of the world.

When the industrial boom began to decline, and trucks were favored over trains, the neighborhood was abandoned. In the 1970s a new era of business looking for large, creative space moved back into the North Loop and are ultimately responsible for revitalizing the neighborhood.

The area is known for its importance to the success of the then new city of Minneapolis and its unique culture. While many of the buildings today are original structures from the industrial era, the inhabitants are anything but artifacts. They continue to diversify the neighborhood in ways only North Loop members can. To learn more about the eclectic neighbor we call home, visit these sites:




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Bar La Grassa – 2009 Restaurant of the Year